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This premium version of the Office Wellness Digest gives you an immersive experience with a Wellness Coaching session with me as well as two follow ups over 8 weeks. ----------- Join me for this fantastic library of office workouts you can do anywhere and health tip videos to help you enhance how you feel and perform each day whether this is at work, in your favourite sport or activity or life in general. Learn some of the human foundations to being healthy while using my video guide to add fun, effective and doable workouts to each week. I am sure you will find the Office Wellness Digest a valuable addition to your health, fitness and wellness tool box. BONUS - Concepts in Relaxation audios to help you relax in 2-10 minutes per day.

Course curriculum - What You Get

  • 1
    READ FIRST: How to Use Office Wellness Digest
  • 2
    Office Workouts
    • Body Based Workout FREE PREVIEW
    • Commuter Workout
    • Floor Core Workout
    • Office Workout
    • Posture Practice
    • Posture Set Up
    • Remote Worker
    • Stairs Workout
    • Standing Core Workout
    • Visualization Workout
    • Weights Workout
  • 3
    Health Tips
    • Benefits of Sleep
    • Reasons To Exercise When Stressed
    • Becoming More Intuitive With Our Food
  • 4
    Stress Management Audios - Concepts in Relaxation

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  • Charlene Hutsebaut

    Charlene Hutsebaut

    Wellness Mentor, Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

    My name is Charlene, I am a corporate wellness expert, personal trainer, pilates instructor, and writer with over 15,000 client hours and over 26 years of experience in the fitness industry. Holding degrees in Physical Education & Education plus certifications through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA - CSCS), Stott Pilates, Functional Aging Institute & yearly continuing education updates I bring you a wealth of knowledge & experience to support, inspire & guide you on your daily road to a healthier, happier, more energetic you! My goal is to help you discover what works best for you, your life and your body so you can become the hero in your own healthy story. My approach is a cutting edge fusion of pilates foundations, positive mindset and traditional strength and conditioning. In 2015 I was the only UK woman to make the Top 10 Finalists in the Life Fitness Personal Trainers to Watch Competition and also won a Mayor of London Volunteer Award for getting my community moving. In 2016 I was proudly part of the team at Eversholt Rail Group who won the Vitality Insurance – Britain’s Healthiest Workplace – Small Company.I have written for Passport in-flight magazine for Monarch Airlines, the HuffPost UK and Psychologies Magazine’s Life Labs. I have been featured in BodyFit, Prima, Woman, Women's Weekly, The Express, The Daily Mail, Natural Health, CAM mag, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, The De-Stress Effect and How to Hygge. My philosophy: Nurture, Challenge, Care, Guide, Empower.

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